Frequently Asked Questions and Terms

Here are some frequently asked questions and safety information. In general we trust you to use your common sense when working in the premises. We know you understand however that it is good to have a few things down in writing to ensure a safe working environment for every one.

How We Work

Please be aware that no responsibility will be taken for accident, injury, breakdowns or failure of any repairs made to your vehicle whilst on the premises of the Self Service Repair Centre.

Main Points
  • You and your vehicle are on the premises entirely at your own risk
  • Our ramps are restricted to maximum 3.5 ton vehicles
  • You must book an appointment for weekday timeslots.
  • We are currently cash only at the Centre. Please book online or bring cash to your appointment.
  • Note: At present, please assume that no tools are provided. Please bring your own equipment, or ring to see if anything can be arranged. We will be looking at improving this as a service in the future.
  • Remember to always work safely and keep your work area tidy
  • If you are in doubt about any of the safety rules on site please speak to the Self Service Repair Centre supervisor on duty
  • Customers who do not observe and follow these rules will be asked to leave the site
What if I need to change my Self Service Repair Centre booking?
  • If you have pre-booked a Ramp or a Work Bay you may change it with 24 hours notice, providing there is a free bay.
  • If you do not attend your time slot without giving us at least 24 hours notice, you may still be charged.
When you arrive on site
  • You must only park in designated car park spaces
  • You must report to reception
  • You must sign in and out
  • Read and sign our Safety Rules, when you do you are agreeing to stick to our safety rules.
Do I need special safety equipment or clothing?
  • You must wear a Hi-Viz vest on site at all times: this will be issued to you upon signing in at reception.
  • You may be required to wear a hard hat; if required this will be issued to you at reception when signing in.
  • You must wear sensible, enclosed footwear at all times. Open-toed shoes, sandals and the like are not acceptable footwear, steel toe-capped shoes/boots are ideal.
  • You must wear sensible clothing when on site (eg shirts and long trousers)
  • All safety equipment issued to you by the Self Service Repair Centre must be returned to reception when you have completed your work
  • If you see an accident, a ‘near miss’ or an incident on site please report it to a member of Self Service Repair Centre staff immediately.
Work Bays, and Ramp Bays
  • You will be allocated a specific Work Bay or Ramp Bay after you have signed in at reception.
  • You must keep to your own bay and not wander into other bays or any unauthorised areas.
  • No one is to be in a vehicle that is on a raised ramp
Can I bring my own power tools to the Self Service Repair Centre?
  • YES, you are allowed to bring power tools to use, please have them checked at reception to ensure they can be used in your bay
  • NO welders are to be used in the building.
  • By prior arrangement you may bring cutting/grinding tools onto site
  • Battery-operated tools and hand tools are allowed.
  • We will not provide you with any tools.
  • You may bring small lifting equipment (eg car jacks) onto site.
Will I be able to remove an engine at the Self Service Repair Centre?
  • You may remove engines or gearboxes/transmissions on your vehicles.
  • An engine hoist can be available for you to use, but please book this equipment before you arrive to ensure that it is not being used by another customer
What if I haven’t been able to fix my vehicle?
  • Please discuss what your timescales of repair are with a member of staff to decide the best option for you.
  • Any vehicle left without consent for more than 24 will be removed.
Moving Vehicles
  • All vehicle movements on site must be supervised by a member of  Self Service Repair Centre staff
  • Self Service Repair Centre staff will be available to help supervise all work areas
  • You must always keep to designated walking routes and use the defined crossing points (where provided)
  • You must take care at all times and make yourself aware of any moving vehicles (Ie. do not ignore flashing lights and reversing alarms.)
Can I bring my children with me?
  • NO CHILDREN or persons under the age of 16 will be allowed on site, ID may be asked for as proof of age
Alcohol and Drugs
  • Under no circumstances should alcohol or drugs be brought to, or consumed on site.
  • Self Service Repair Centre may refuse admission to anyone who in our judgement appears to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs or who represents a safety risk to themselves and/or others.
Hazardous Substances
  • You may not bring any hazardous substances on site

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